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Woman's Jamaica Healing Waters Retreat

Come to the healing waters of Jamaica, where one can experience emotional and spiritual purification, drawing us closer to the sacred source of life. This valuable resource provokes self-reflection on the meaning of the natural world and our place in it.

Spiritual Retreat in Cancun

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Check back in a few weeks.

Mayan Healing Retreat in Belize

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Check back in a few weeks.

“What an amazing retreat!! My daughter and I had such an incredible week with Mary and the local people!! Excursions to the healing waters were wonderful and the week was filled with powerful experiences and opportunities to relax, meditate and take in the beauty all around you.

I highly recommend this retreat to ladies of all ages!” -Karen

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“We had a wonderful time on our trip to Jamaica. Mary has a vast knowledge of the island and has made many friends over the years. Consequently, she leads us through a broad range of experiences. We went to a bar in the middle of the ocean which was so unique and so much fun. We took a boat ride down a river and explored a small village. We saw a native healer in a cave with spring waters and saw a tree more than 500 years old. Mary took us to Ricks where we enjoyed live music and watched folks dive off the cliff all through the evening. We ate delicious home cooked meals prepared by Mary’s Jamaican friends and were entertained several evenings by local musicians, more of Mary’s wonderful friends. I loved sleeping with the windows open and getting up at sunrise. I haven’t been that relaxed in a long time. We are still sleeping with the windows open. But the best part was the new friends we made and the wonderful memories we have of a unique vacation. Thank you, Mary, for sharing this island with us, and all the wonderful experiences we had because of all your hard work and planning. If you get the chance to go on one of Mary’s retreats, you should do it.” -Kristin

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